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Our Services includes:

  • Network Consultancy and Support
  • IP Network and Security
  • Data &Voice Cabling
  • Design & Consulting
  • Server Migration
  • Moves, Adds, & Changes
  • Troubleshooting
  • Data Center Design and Development

Network Consultancy and Support
Our consultancy practice delivers a comprehensive view of networking for organizations looking to get the best out of their entire communications infrastructure.
Customers want a single point of accountability that they can turn to for expertise on issues relating to networking, and they want someone who can support them no matter the products and platform they are running - whether they are running a data only or converged network.
Because of our integrated approach to networking, we are able to look at your needs – product specifications, maintenance, security, support, etc. – holistically. The primary processes that represent the basics of the methodology required for developing and maintaining a reliable network infrastructure are:
Network Assessment/Audit — a comprehensive approach to operational review or "snapshot" of the current state of your network and security posture. It helps determine what security threats, vulnerabilities and risks exist on the network, locates them, helps determine severity, recommend how to mitigate the vulnerabilities and risks with appropriate countermeasures.
Network Security Policy Development — designed to assist you in defining a network Security Policy that can be implemented in your systems and network security infrastructure to protect assets and sensitive information.
Network Architecture & Design — delivers the plans and blue print for a successful network infrastructure implementation.
Network Support Agreement — defines the guidelines and specifics for providing effective network infrastructure support.

IP Network and Security
BAMWAN approach to networking takes enterprise security to the next level by offering network security services not just for separate voice and data networks but also for multi-vendor network environments.
Unauthorized access, fraud, eavesdropping, and threats to your information assets and network resources are definitely serious concerns for today's customer-focused companies. As your business expands and access is required through intranets, extranets, the Internet, and mobile communications, your growing workforce and business relationships require faster and easier secure access to information thereby, increasing network security risks.
We know that your communications systems are the lifeblood of your enterprise and that security is key. Therefore, when designing and implementing networks, we provide security solutions that reduce access to and use of your sensitive information, network resources, and help ensure privacy of your data across network transports.

Data & Voice Cabling
BAMWAN delivers a network cabling that can be effectively managed, no matter what the requirement is –whether you are building a data-only network or a converged (data and voice) network with cabling demands – we have the expertise to design and implement it cost effectively and on schedule.

Design & Consulting
The structured cabling infrastructure design is typically over looked or not completed properly when building a new office or location. BAMWAN will discuss with you what your wants, needs, and budgets are. We then implement what we recommend based on the information you provided on a Floor Plan with the estimated costs for your approval.

Moves, Adds, & Changes

Moves, Adds, and Changes (MAC) are normally the most common service required by operating businesses. Normally a MAC is required when you hire a new employee, reconfiguring your workstations, or your current number of Data or Voice outlet is just not enough. BAMWAN can service your MAC needs quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to your working environment.

Troubleshooting is normally the result of one or two things, poor installation or accidents. BAMWAN has some of the best testing devices available in the industry that we can simply plug in and find the faults. Once we find the faults we will explain what the problem is and explain what might have caused it, what it will take to fix it, and ask if you would like the problem resolved.

Data Center Design and Development
The manageability of a network greatly depends on how much planning was put into the design of the Data Center which would house its active/passive endpoints and other components.
Being the nerve centre of the entire network, the Data Center usually ends up becoming the most valuable asset in an enterprise. Therefore, it has to be planned and built with the highest level of detail.
With termination panels, cables, routers, file and application servers, etc. usually jostling for space, it is imperative to design for ergonomics using raised floors and modern telecommunication closets, for instance.
Additionally, we implement anti-fire and access control measures so as to provide the Data Center with comprehensive protection against fire, unauthorized entry, theft, etc.